Our Web Design Process Methodology

June 1, 2013 lgdelg

The following is an outline of the phases involved in developing your website. As a client you will have a personal Project Manager who will guide you throughout the entire process.
We’ve developed a simple, yet comprehensive process for application development. From the first meeting to the site launch, we keep you informed and involved to ensure that you are getting exactly the kind of website that you want.

Information Gathering

The first step of any project is to set goals and outline the steps needed to achieve those goals. This part of the process involves communication, idea sharing, and wire framing.. To accomplish this we ask you to fill out Project Worksheet.


Based on the information we have gathered in the first phase we collaborate with you to plan out your entire website. This is where we determine the project’s type, scope, time frame, and budget.


This is where we create a design concept based on your specific requirements. At the end of this phase we finalize the aesthetics and look of your website and you will be able to see what the final website will look like to visitors.


Once the sitemap and design is complete and we know how the website is going to function we start developing your actual website. The amount of time spent on this phase varies from project to project and depends on the complexity of your website. Depending on your needs this might just include front-end development such as XHTML, CSS and JavaScript or it might also include back-end development such as integrating a Content Management System or building a customized application using PHP and MySQL.


Before your website is to a live we test it to make sure everything is functioning as it is supposed to.


Here is where we inaugurate your website! First we set up and configure your server, upload your files, and then, to ensure that your website is functioning perfectly on the live server, conduct a thorough trial run of the website and all it’s functions.


Once your website is complete you can choose to get a Website Maintenance Contract with us and have us update, monitor and maintain your site for you.Because every project is unique, the timetable will vary depending on the size of the project, the number of changes needed at each stage, and how quickly each stage is approved. Some websites may take more time and some will take less.